Sunday Night TV in 11 Bullet Points

The Walking Dead

  • The exit of Glen Mazzara as The Walking Dead show runner might not be a bad thing. It is a serious problem when, after 15 episodes, your main character is TSTL.
  • I was seriously bored for the first 40 minutes of the episode. It wasn’t until Merle got a bottle, cranked up Motorhead and started luring the walkers that things got interesting. That’s a problem. What’s the biggest problem with that is the episode was written by Scott Gimple, the show runner for season four.
  • I hate to say it, but Glen giving Maggie a ring is akin to a lowly private talking about his girl back home in a war movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies in the season finale. Someone significant needs to die and it won’t be Michonne, Darryl, Rick, Karl or Andrea. It better not be Carol.

The Good Wife

  • I wish John Noble’s storyline hadn’t been told in flashback. I wanted more of him, besides sitting in a chair across Alicia’s desk.
  • I was totally distracted by the fact that JM must have been wearing a wig for the flashback scenes.
  • Please, God, let the election storyline wrap this season. If Peter wins, then runs for national office and I have to suffer through another election storyline, I might bail on the show.
  • Alicia chose Peter. Interesting. Would have been nice to see more interaction between the two besides booty calls in the campaign bus.
  • I totally called the lie about the GPS system. Either these shows are dumbing down or I’m incredibly prescient.

The Mentalist

  • Grace is back and they aren’t hiding her behind desks, boxes and water coolers anymore so the actress had her baby. Yea for her.
  • The mystery was boring, but at least LaRoche came back to help. That was fun.
  • Is the homeland security guy Red John? I kinda think so. He’s obviously in league with him and I think Jane may finally realize it. If not, he’s TSTL, as well.
  • What a waste of Donna Murphy.

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