Tell me, would you read this book?

The Swamp has been quiet for a couple of weeks while I finished the first draft of my current project, which I am happy to report, happened on Saturday. I’m letting the manuscript breathe for a week, then I will start the revisions. Or, maybe I will let it breathe for six weeks and start on the next book. I haven’t decided yet. Probably revisions.

What I have done, though, is to start working on the Synopsis/Blurb. I have to say, this blurb was much easier to write than the one for my historical fiction novel. Probably because over my reading life I’ve read a thousand similar blurbs. At least. Is that good (zeitgeist!) or bad (more of the same?)? Don’t care, particularly. I’m just really, really excited about this town/world I’ve created. Ever since I read Harry Potter and fell in love with the world JK Rowling created, I’ve wanted to develop my own. My mind does not turn to fantasy/sci-fi/witches/wizards/vampires/zombies so I knew it would have to be the real world. That it would be inspired by the town I grew up in was a no-brainer.  That one of the main characters would be a kick-ass woman with all the strength and qualities I don’t have was unquestionable. That she would catch the eye of the new guy and town and have great sex…well, we’re getting too far ahead there. Or, are we?

Will this novel be published? Odds are against me. Seems like odds are against every new author out there. Again, I don’t care. I love this world. It’s mine. I get to play in it for as long as I want. Do whatever I want. I can go forward in time, back in time, sideways. I can write an entire novel about Edna Stamps the trailer living cat lady. I can write an erotic story about a local girl who moved to Las Vegas and became a successful hooker (oh, wait. I did that already!). I can write a ghost story, horror story, generational spanning epic about seven brothers.  I might even go far, far back and write about the Native Americans. Who knows! Who cares! It’s going to be fun!

When people ask me why I write, that should be my answer. It’s fun. I spend all day wandering around my imagination. Ten or fifteen years ago, I would have told you I didn’t have much of an imagination, that I wasn’t creative. In a lot of ways, I’m not. I can’t think up clever rhymes for birthday invitations, I can’t draw for shit, I’m not crafty and if someone asked me to stand up and give an eloquent toast off the cuff I would collapse in a flop sweat. But, what I can do is create characters, visualize scenes and occasionally write a kick ass description or two. Yep, it’s hard work, but there is nothing else I want to do.

Below is the blurb, what would be on the flap jacket or the back of the book.  It’s a very rough draft (out of time; I need to go make dinner), but it’s not bad. Now, what I need for you, gentle readers, is the honest answer to the question: Would you read this book?

Ex-FBI agent Jack McBride took the job as Chief of Police for Stillwater, Texas (Pop. 2436), to start a new life with his fourteen year old son, Ethan, away from the suspicions surrounding his wife’s disappearance nearly a year earlier. With a low crime rate and a five man police force he expected it to be a nice, easy gig; hot checks, traffic violations, petty drugs, occasional domestic disturbances and home invasions. Instead, within a week he is investigating a staged murder-suicide, a decades old skeleton buried in the woods and managing the first crime wave in thirty years.

For help navigating his unfamiliar surroundings, Jack turns to hometown girl Ellie Martin, former high school basketball star and banker, current bookstore/coffee shop owner, president of the Stillwater Historical Society, rumored to be the richest woman in town and unquestionably the most respected.  Despite the murky status of his marriage and the disapproval of Ethan and the town, they are undeniably drawn to each other. As Jack and Ellie struggle with their budding relationship, they unravel secrets buried in the woods with the skeleton and discover the two cases, fifty years apart, share a surprising connection that will rattle the town to its core.

6 thoughts on “Tell me, would you read this book?

  1. I think I would be more likely to read it if he wasn’t married. Right away, the attraction they have for one another is frustrating bc I know it can’t go anywhere.

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    • On the other hand, there is immediate conflict and how these two characters respond to it will tell the reader a lot about their personalities. If he was single/divorced/widowed then their relationship would be a foregone conclusion, not something you want in fiction.

      To put it another way, in the single/divorced/widowed scenario, outside obstacles (disagreements, misunderstandings) would be the roadblocks. Your typical Pride and Prejudice set-up. They meet, butt heads, eventually realize they lurve each other. In a Pride and Prejudice scenario, I would have to throw up increasingly ridiculous and unrealistic roadblocks to their happiness. The absolute perfect example of the P&P scenario is Matthew and Mary on Downton Abbey. Franky, I’m tired of that trope. It has been Done To Death.

      In my scenario, the attraction is immediate as is the realization they are perfect for each other. I hesitate to use the phrases love at first sight or soul mates, but yeah. Those. Now, the obstacles to the relationship are internal (moral, emotional). The question of whether or not they will ever get their happily ever after is open in a way that feels organic. To me as a reader, and an author, that is much more interesting.

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  2. That’s a very well written jacket cover.

    Congratulations on finishing the book. That is really great news. I would wait a little longer than a week before I returned to editing it, but that’s just me. Glad to hear you are starting on a new novel in the meantime.

    Once again, great job!

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  3. It looks like something I would read! Didn’t know you were writing – VERY COOL! I like mystery and romance and all the twists that can come with them both.

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    • I didn’t know you read my blog! Hopefully, one day you’ll get to read this blurb on the back of an actual book!

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